Hi! I'm Afton

I was born into the world of wildflower seeds. I collected them on the roadside on family vacations, stuffed envelopes with catalogs and brochures around a cleared-off dinner table, and knew the Latin names for many wildflowers by the time I was entering elementary school. At five years old my dad put me to work filling mail orders for native California wildflowers, one packet at a time. After several hours of work, I received my first paycheck: the choice between a shiny fifty-cent piece or a whole ream of paper. I took the paper. (I had a pretty serious coloring habit).

My grandfather started Clyde Robin Seed Company in 1959 selling rare wildflower seeds he would collect by hand on his many trips throughout the state of California. About a decade later my dad graduated university and joined him, expanding the business to include products like the Survival Garden and Meadow in a Can. I appeared in the 1974-76 catalog admiring the California poppies in our backyard and over the next fifteen years, spent summers and every school holiday that was more than three days working in my dad's warehouse creating seed products for sale throughout the US.

Now, I take this lifetime of knowledge as well as connections with growers and packet manufacturers to create custom seed packets for your special event. Whether you're celebrating starting a new life together, or bidding farewell to a loved one who has passed on, custom seed packets make meaningful gifts your guests will enjoy every time they see the beautiful flowers they grow.

How it Started

This is my grandfather who started his wildflower seed business back in 1959. I remember working with him in the mail order department, handling catalog orders. The walls of his workroom were lined with mason jars containing seed he'd collected, cultivated, and then sold. He taught me great lessons in efficiency and hard work.

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