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The Meaning Behind Popular Wedding Favor Traditions

Wedding favors have been a tradition for centuries, and they serve as a way to thank guests for sharing in your special day. While the practice of giving wedding favors has evolved over time, many popular traditions still hold symbolic meaning. Understanding the meaning behind these traditions can add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your wedding favors.

  1. Sugar-Coated Almonds: Also known as Jordan almonds, these traditional wedding favors symbolize the bitter and sweet aspects of marriage. The sugar coating represents the sweetness of love, while the almond inside represents the bitterness of life’s challenges that the couple will face together.
  2. Candles: Candles have long been associated with love and romance. They’re also a symbol of light and guidance, reminding guests to always be a shining light in the couple’s life.
  3. Seed Packets: As previously discussed, seed packets are a great eco-friendly option for wedding favors. They symbolize the growth of love and the potential for a new beginning, just like a marriage.
  4. Soap: Soap is a symbol of cleanliness and purity. It serves as a reminder to guests to always keep their thoughts and actions pure towards the newlyweds.
  5. Wine or liquor: Giving wine or liquor as a wedding favor is a nod to the ancient tradition of providing guests with something they can enjoy during the wedding celebration, and also something to remind them of the celebration after.
  6. Picture frames: Picture frames are a great option for wedding favors because they allow guests to keep a tangible reminder of the special day. Plus, they serve as a reminder to always cherish the memories of the celebration.
  7. Honey: Honey is a symbol of sweet and enduring love. It also serves as a reminder to guests to always strive for a sweet and harmonious relationship with the newlyweds.

By understanding the meaning behind these popular wedding favor traditions, you can add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your favors. Plus, it can also help you to choose favors that align with the theme and symbolism of your wedding.

In conclusion, wedding favors are a small but meaningful way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. Understanding the meaning behind popular wedding favor traditions can add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your choices. From sugar-coated almonds to honey, each traditional favor carries its own symbolism and can serve as a reminder to your guests of the love shared on your special day.

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